Trout Lake

TLD & TL HOA will hold back to back meetings starting at 10 AM 1/18/20 at the Lyndon Town Hall Building. Agenda to follow....


Trout Lake District


PO Box 34


Lyndon Station, Wi 53944

Tina M. Busch - Chairwoman

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Agenda for Q1 Meeting on January 18, 2020


Lyndon Town Hall

W1797 County Road J

Wisconsin Dells, Wi


10:00 AM Greet Arriving Members

10:05 AM Call to Order

10:10 AM Roll Call

10:15 AM Secretary Report

10:25 AM Approval of minutes from last meeting (Q4)

10:20 AM DAM Ownership transfer & Grant application update

10:30 AM Citizen Input - Mr. Robert Vasquez: Discussion regarding landowners within the TLD

continuing to have the right to “carry-in” access to Trout Lake via the lot on which the

dam is located (Outlot #1) once HOA is abolished


10:45 AM Board Vote to agree to approve continued TL access via Outlot #1

10:50 AM Treasurer’s Report

11:00 AM Adjourn


** TL HOA meeting to follow directly afterward

*** All times are estimates only