Trout Lake

Greetings Neighbors  (feel free to share this with other TLD owners as I don't have all email addresses)

Just a quick update regarding the Trout Lake Dam. 
Thanks to being alerted by Trenton of an increase in a historically problematic area of the dam a potential disaster was averted. Erroring on the side of caution, and in consideration of our neighbors, Dees Rd, Hwy 12 and the railroad, I reached out to Ayres (our engineers), Larry (our attorney) and Mudtech (the contractor who was awarded the dam repair project). 
As a result, the contractor was onsite today to inspect and evaluate the significance of the leak. Mudtech along with Ayres decided added quick set concrete and removal of a stop log to lower the lake, ideally by one foot, would reduce the pressure against the dam and area of concern (shout out to George for interrupting his busy work day to go to and review this process). 
Please be advised that construction/repair will begin soon, scheduled within the next week or two and stay away from the dam and construction area. Equipment will be brought in and the lake may or may not need to be drawn down further.
We will be having a face to face meeting at the Town Hall on May 1st at 10:00 a.m. anyone interested is welcome to attend with facemask and no active exposure or symptoms of COVID.
We have almost accomplished this monumental task of saving our naturescape!
Tina M. Busch
Chair, Trout Lake District