Trout Lake

Trout Lake District

P.O. Box 34

Lyndon Station, WI 53944


Tina M. Busch

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Agenda for Board Meeting on January 13, 2018

Lyndon Town Hall

W1797 County Road J

Wisconsin Dells, Wi



10:00 AM             Greet Arriving Members


10:15 AM             Call to Order


10:16 AM             Roll Call


10:20 AM             Approve Minutes from last meeting


10:25 AM             Treasurer's Report


10:30 AM             Dam Repair Update


10:45 AM             Discuss need for special meeting and set date if needed



11:00 AM            Adjourn Meeting



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 Trout Lake District

                                                 P.O. Box 34                                                          

Lyndon Station, WI 53944

                                                       JAN 13TH 2018



Arrival/Greeting Time:


The Meeting was called to order at 10.05 AM in town hall


Roll Call was taken and a motion to approve the minutes from the annual meeting on OCTOBER 14TH were approved by Tina Bush seconds by Michael Raasch Pat Mitchell and Gary Cooper in attendance


Treasurer’s Report

At 10.25 AM treasures report taken $28,231.28

Ayres paid $15699.12 = Remaining balance $12531.79 motion to approve Gary Cooper second by Tina Bush


Dam Repair Update

At 11.12 am

Tina bush spoke with Christopher Goodwin from AYRES about next Meeting Appearance

DNR Working with Trout Lake for Grant Continuation

Discussed Route on how fees are distributed

George Lust brought in Paperwork for Legal Review on homeowners association and how the Collapse of association May Affect responsibility of owners

Board agreed to check with Juneau County Attorney

Discussed Checking on Liability Insurance for Lake District


Application Received Preliminary Approval forwarded for Legal Review

Discussed possible HO CHUNK Funding

Discussed Charitable If Right off for Donations is full to contributors

Discussed Game plan for DNR

Made a $5,000 dollar budget for legal fees to obtain Curran law Office


Motion to Approve and Adjourn Meeting

11.24 AM Gary Cooper Approved Pat Mitchell second

Next meeting April 14th 10.00 am


Reported by Michael Raasch

Secretary, Trout Lake District