Trout Lake

Trout Lake District

P.O. Box 34

Lyndon Station, WI 53944


Tina M. Busch

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Agenda for Board Meeting on April 14, 2018

Lyndon Town Hall

W1797 County Road J

Wisconsin Dells, Wi



10:00 AM             Greet Arriving Members


10:15 AM             Call to Order


10:16 AM             Roll Call


10:20 AM             Approve Minutes from last meeting


10:25 AM             Treasurer's Report


10:30 AM             Dam Repair Update


10:45 AM             George Lust



11:00 AM            Adjourn Meeting



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Trout Lake District


                                             P.O. Box 34   


Lyndon Station, WI 53944


                                                        APRIL 14, 2018


Arrival/Greeting Time:




The Meeting was called to order at 10.10 AM in town hall


Roll Call was taken


Chairperson Busch made a motion to approve the minutes from the January 13, 2018 meeting seconded by Gary Cooper


Pat Mitchell, Gary Cooper, Michael Raasch and Tina Busch in attendance




Treasurer’s Report


At 10.20 AM


Balance on account $30140.38


Post Office box renewed


BCPL loan of $30,000 was deposited (Ayers Engineering & Finalization of the Plans to repair the dam)


Motion to approve Tina Busch and seconded by Gary Cooper




Dam Repair Update


At 10.26 am


Chairperson Busch stated she had been working closely with Christopher Goodwin, Ayres Engineering to assist in developing the EAP and IOMP - requirements for the Dam Grant Application (Grant money will be used to assist the TLD in paying for the dam repairs)


Ayres typically charges ~$5,000 but will assist the TLD for ~$2,000 as they are very familiar with our dam


Chairperson Busch stated she invited Christopher Goodwin & Jeremy Mack (Ayres Engineering) to the Annual Meeting July 14, 2018 – one or both has accepted and will be present


Citizen input - George Lust discussed the original purchase of the land sold by Frank Horner - 170 Acres which formed the Trout Lake Subdivision and the division of that land sold to Gerald Pierkowski, paperwork explaining a state law requiring an executed permit prior to the sale of any land/lot containing a Dam (for financial responsibility) -  this law was enacted in 1961. However, the land which formed the Trout Lake Subdivision was sold in February 1984 - no executed permit can be located – how was Outlot #1 included on all 54 TLD lots?


The Board agreed they were not able to retain Curran law office due to a conflict of interest regarding a current landowner in TLD


The Board Agreed to contact Attorney Larry Konopacki (recommended to the TLD Board by George Lust) to represent the TLD in determining the ownership of the dam. Dam ownership is in question, as legal transfer of ownership/deed cannot be found – Attorney Konopacki will also attend the TLD Annual Meeting along with a college who specializes in Real Estate Law


$5,000 dollars was previously budgeted for this legal representation and approved by the board




Motion to Adjourn Meeting


11.55 AM Chairperson Busch motioned to Adjourn seconded by Chairperson Cooper


Reported by Michael Raasch


Secretary, Trout Lake District