Trout Lake

Trout Lake District


P.O. Box 34

Lyndon Station, WI 53944

Annual Meeting Minutes

July 13 TH 2019



Trout Lake District

P.O. Box 34

Lyndon Station, WI 53944

Annual Meeting Minutes

 July 13, 2019



Chairwoman Busch called the meeting to order at 10.08 AM in town hall

Roll Call was taken – board plus Pat Mitchell along with special guest, Attorney Larry

Konopacki (participated by telephone)

Chairwoman Busch made a motion to approve the minutes from the 2018 annual meeting -

seconded by Commissioner Gary Cooper

Motion approved 

10:22 a.m Dam Repair Update

 Commissioner Busch stated we are moving forward to apply for the Dam Grant which

could pay for half of the total repair cost. 

 They have reauthorized the grant award application with Feb 2020 application deadline 

 The Trout Lake Homeowners Association has been reformed 

 HOA owns dam – TLD membership can vote at next meeting to transfer ownership of the

dam to the TLD – TLD is eligible for Dam Grants – HOA is not

 TLD made a loan to TL HOA of $2500 to established a checking account to pay for legal


 Attorney Larry Konopaki - Discussed dam ownership in detail

 Resurrection of the HOA = transfer dam ownership, maintenance & operation to TLD

and eliminate outdated Bylaws and Covenants (legal exposure)

 Dam transferred to TLD, Bylaws and Covenants eliminated =>owners can pursue

(independently or as a group) removal of the dam stamp from our deeds 

 Tax levy vs Special Assessment tax defined and discussed (previously TLD ownership

voted to equalize tax levy by lot) – will vote to obtain BCPL loan (low interest)

 Vote taken & carried to amortize BCPL loan over 10 year term – Annual Tax Levy rather

than Special Assessment (begin fall 2020)

 Attorney Konopaki working with HOA on Dam transfer & Deed recording

11:33 a.m. TREASURY REPORT - Commissioner Cooper reported:

 Total revenue $70,513.00 

 Total expenses $42,310.00 

 Account balance $28,204.00 ($123.66 to deposit and LLC filing cost of $155.00)

 Estimated expenses $8144.00 would result in account balance $19,060 

 Chair Busch motion to approve, seconded by Commissioner Raasch      


 Discussion on how the boundaries were initially established 

 No longer open for discussion.

12:05 p.m. Commissioner Cooper made a motion to adjourn the meeting

Seconded by Commissioner Raasch

Meeting Adjourned



Reported by Michael Raasch, Secretary, Trout Lake District